Robbie Brandrick | 12/26/2012 11:44:22 AM


Today is the day. The day where I launched my first website, the day where I launched my own blog engine, and the day where my blogging journey begins.

My First Website

I’ve been inspired to create a personal website for a myriad of reasons, and I’ve also been uninspired to do so as well. 

Throughout my formal software developer training at Fanshawe College, I had a lack of interest in web technologies, specifically HTML and CSS. I found these languages to be boring, which I think at the time, had to do with learning another language that I found fascinating, C/C++. Regardless I was always an ‘A’ student in these classes, as I always tried to do as best as I could in College. Web development started getting interesting in my fourth semester when we had a course in ASP.NET Web Forms, and built an E-Commerce site (I will be including a description of this website in the projects section eventually); however, I was unable to fully appreciate the potential with ASP.NET Web Forms because I was always so drained from memorizing many different web concepts that I was not familiar with at the time. It wasn’t until after learning ASP.NET Web Forms and stumbling upon ASP.NET MVC that I became interested in web development.

As I continually read about ASP.NET MVC, I realized that this might have some potential for me to show case my programming abilities; however, I was still more interested in C/C++, and you would have found me learning and creating low level libraries and programs in my spare time. It wasn’t until my sixth semester at Fanshawe College where a few friends and I found a client who needed an E-Commerce website built that I started to appreciate web development (I will be including a description of this website in the projects section).

After developing this E-Commerce website with my peers, I realized that web development isn’t necessarily easy. Perhaps static websites are, which consist of just CSS and HTML, of lesser difficulty relative to developing dynamic website that has complicated requirements, works with third party libraries (like paypal), and et cetera. However, I am one of those types who are fueled by challenges, thus my newly defined ambition to create a personal website.

Coupled with enjoying a new challenge, I also realized that there are a few inspiring things that can be accomplished with a personal website. For example, this gives me an opportunity to centralize learning about software/web development and anything else because I have a place to facilitate my ideas into a central area. Also this will define an area for other similar minded individuals to discuss any topic. Creating a personal website also gives me the opportunity to show my portfolio to an employer before they even meet me which, I am hoping will result in being closer to the hired side of the hire/not interested continuum.

Through the learning experiences, the challenges, and the inspiration of future expansion I’ve enjoyed developing this website and I think I will continue working on this project for years to come.


Read about my custom Blog Engine


Robbie Brandrick | 12/26/2012 3:01:42 PM

Brandrick Blog Engine

The first thing I wanted to have on deployment of my website was a Blog Engine. At the time of writing this post the websites blog engine contains the following features

Create, Read, Update, and Delete posts:



Create and Delete Comments:


Provide administrator-only restrictions (Only the administrator is capable of adding posts, deleting posts, and deleting comments):


Search by Tags:


RSS feed (


The development of my blog engine turned out to be fairly challenging and time consuming, however, I think it was worthwhile to develop because now I have a place to record and share my ideas, opinions, tutorials and show my skills to a potential employer. I developed this engine using C#, ASP.NET MVC, MS Test and SQL Server. I also followed the Test Driven Development methodology, which I found to be an effective way to develop quality applications.


Brandrick NET is back

Robbie Brandrick | 3/2/2013 3:16:12 PM

I finally took a break from all the other stuff I have been doing to get this website back up and running. A few months prior, I was trying to do a database migration to allow larger blog posts, but due to being a busy fella I haven't been able to complete the migration, until now! muhahahah!!!


Now that the migration stuff is done, I can spend my time creating awesomeage content. So Stayed tuned!!!