Laptop as a wireless adapter for Raspberry Pi

Robbie Brandrick | 4/28/2013 6:05:53 PM

How to use a Windows 7 Laptop as a wireless adapter for a Raspberry Pi.

 Raspberry Pi

The Situation

I have come across an interesting problem, while living in a rural area. I am in a situation where I would like to use the internet on my Raspberry Pi, but I can only access the internet wirelessly from a specific place in my house.

The Plan

I would like to use my Laptop to pick up the wireless signal from the hotspot in my house and run an Ethernet cable from my Laptop to the Raspberry Pi to add internet capabilities to the Raspberry Pi.

The Solution

Connect to the specific Hotspot

 Connect To HotSpot

Connect the Ethernet Cable from the Laptop to the Raspberry Pi


 Laptop Ethernet

RaspberryPi Ethernet

Note: In my circumstance, I did not need a crossover cable.

Bridge the connection on the Laptop

Open Windows Explorer -> Networking -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings

Select both the Wireless Hotspot and Ethernet Connections by holding “Ctrl” and clicking both their icons. Right click and select “Bridge Connections”

Bridge Connections

A new Icon will appear, after the connection has been successfully bridged.

Turn on the Raspberry Pi

Bam!!! There is now internet on the Raspberry Pi


As you can see this is actually easier than it sounds and allows quick use of the internet on the Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, one could apply the Windows bridging technique to other devices such as an Xbox or utilize similar techniques for Windows 8 or other operating systems.