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Joe Rogan #1489 Ronnie Colemen - Genetics

It is exhilarating for Joe Rogan to have Ronnie Coleman on his podcast. I first heard about this on Reddit before it was released, and I could hardly wait to listen to them talk about Ronnie.

I felt like Ronnie Coleman was trying to emphasize the importance of Genetics to Joe and us. Throughout the interview, Joe would ask him questions like how were you so successful in bodybuilding? How did you get that big? How does someone look like a fictional superhero character in real life? How does someone get more massive than the hulk? How many steroids did you use?

Ronnie continuously emphasized the answer to those questions. Genetics. He says that genetics is what made him special. Ronnie wouldn't have been successful without sleeping well, eating a massive amount of calories, training 2 hours a day, cardio, having a chiropractor and physical therapist, and steroids. Everyone who wants to be successful needs to work hard; although, if everyone followed all the hard work Ronnie put into the sport, they would not have the same outcome because they are not Freaky Hulk Coleman.

Many people even say that guys think they could look like him if they took all the steroids Ronnie has taken. That is incorrect. Ronnie states that he used a moderate amount of steroids, but nothing crazy like he sees lots of people taking today. He even says that he didn't take any crazy compounds. He says that he is special. It was his genetics that made him the best bodybuilder of all time. Ronnie proves this by being able to place in Mr. Olympia before taking androgens.

He could be lying about his steroid use, but I don't think so. I believe he has 1 in 7 billion genetics, and he also had the genetics to work hard. My conjecture is seeing people work hard yet end up with a worse outcome than someone lazy but endowed.

Also, Ronnie is fortunate. Had he been born before the Olympia, then his muscle-building potential wouldn't have made him rich and famous because this sport didn't exist.

While not everyone can have Freak Hulk Coleman genetics and be born at the right place and time, I need to focus on the things I can control and not worry about the outcome. For some reason, I can be so fixated on being the best at something, and when I inevitably fail, I will give up. I can control worrying about the process and not the outcome. I can control putting my best foot forward, learning from Ronnie or Joe, and course-correcting along the way. Giving up isn't an issue when I have no regrets. I will only have no regrets when I have pushed myself to realize my potential or realized that what I am doing isn't for me.

Hard work is evident.

"To Yossarian, the idea of pennants as prizes was absurd. No money went with them, no class privileges. Like Olympic medals and tennis trophies, all they signified was that the owner had done something of no benefit to anyone more capably than everyone else." - Joseph Heller.